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Co-Curricular Activities
Cultural Activities
Co-Curricular Activities

To strengthen the current academic and research tempo the supportive activities such as Seminars, Symposia, Workshop, Conferences are arranged throughout the year. The other activities such as Drama, Mono-acting, Music, Dance, Quiz, Essay competitions etc., are also conducted.

The institutional goals are translated to academic programs, research and extension activities through the united efforts of the teachers and students.
All the departments conduct periodical tests, quiz, seminars, debates, group discussions and project works.

The performance of the students is communicated back for refinement of performance.

Departmental seminars encourage students to present scientific works/papers.

Experts from outside are often invited to deliver lectures on various topics of interest.

Extension activities and research bent of mind are emphasized. Extension activities are undertaken by NCC, NSS and different forums of the college.

PAVANA – College Magazine : ‘Pavana – the college magazine is an attempt to nurture and showcase the creative talents of students and to provide an ample scope to mirror the innate multifaceted qualities of the students.


National Service Scheme : To instill community oriented services, the college dynamic and dedicated NSS units. This helps students to involve in social activities, infuses confidence and self reliance amoung themselves. The college has two units of NSS.