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The Alumni Association is a registered body and is very active. In association with NSS and NCC units the association regularly conducts Blood Donation and Health Checkup Camps. A database of all the final year students has been created and is upgraded from time to time. The following is a brief list of our Alumnus who have occupied positions of status

The Alumni association sponsors special lecturers, cultural activities. Awards are given to meritorious students every year. In addition, this association contributes generously to the welfare of poor students. The association also acts as advisory body giving valuable suggestion and guidance for the welfare of the student community. Some of the members of the association are deeply involved in the overall development of the institution.

List of Alumni Members holding Prominent Positions
Names Position
Srinivas M Present Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)
Atmananda M.S Former Minister, Govt. of Karnataka
Sathyanarayana Former Minister, Govt. of Karnataka
Shiva Kumar G.B Former MLA
Somashekhar P.N Former Chairman of MUDA, Mandya
Ramalingaiah Former President of EMESCO
Nataraju K Advocate
Naresh Kumar Engineer, Nirmithi Kendra, Mandya.
Rudrappa Ex. Councilor, Mandya
Satish Jailor, Mandya
Dr. Raju Medical Officer, V.C. Farm, Mandya.
Siddaramaiah CTO, Bangalore
Manjunath Councilor and President of SC/ST cell
Boregowda H Councilor
Ramesh D Youth President, Mandya
Gopal Spokes Person (Press)
Nagaraju H.M Ex-Zilla Parishat Member, Finance Committee ZP.
Raju K.S Ex Councilor.
Devaraju S.B Lecturer, VV Eng college, Mysore.
Chowdegowda Lecturer, Vijaya College, Pandavapura.
Siddaraju S.B. SGL, Maharaniís College for women, Mysore.
Krishna J Rev. Officer, Mysore.
Shivarudra G.S Head Master, Govt. High School, Maddur.
Arun Kumar S SGL in History, Govt. College, Mandya.
Puttaswamygowda B.K SGL in Sociology, Govt. College, Mandya.
Dr. Ramegowda M SGL in Physics, Govt. College, Mandya.
Ramesh N Physical Director, Govt. College, Mandya.
Basavaraju A.N SGL in Economics, Govt. College, Mandya.
Rudrappa Ex Councilor, Mandya.